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In 2009, analog over the air signals switched to digital high definition, 10 years+ later, still here to provide exceptional over the air reception. We use the best antennas from Antennas Direct to ensure consistent picture perfect quality that carry a lifetime warranty. 

A list of FREE Denver Local Channels 

2-1  CW  

2-2  this TV



3-1  KCDO-TV3

3-2 GRIT 

4-1 CBS

4-2 start TV

6-1 PBS

6-2 PBS Kids

6-3 Create

7-1 ABC

7-2 Azteca

7-3 Laff

9-1 NBC


9-3 Justice

9-4 NBC (repeat)

9-5 Quest

12-1 PBS

12-2 FNX

12-3 World View 

12-4 NHK World

14-1 Univision


14-3 GET TV


16-1 retro TV

16-2 REV'N

16-4 heartland

16-6 Jewelry TV

16-7 QVC

20-1 my TV

20-2 Me TV

25-1 Telemundo

31-1 FOX

31-2 Antenna TV

31-3 HSN

41-1 Daystar 

59-1 ION

59-2 qubo

59-3 ION Life

We also offer sling cable channels, the most cost effective way to get more programming.

We also install other types of antennas, and have strategic partnerships to get your reception just right.


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Antennas Direct Network installer 

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HAM Radio



Sure Call

5G Samsung Small Cell

5G Nokia Small Cell

At&t Small Cell

Cord Cutting Professionals 

No More Dead Zones

Every install has a different set of challenges, we have the tools and experience to get the job done right


Air Tv

As a compliment to your antenna service, we offer a streaming device that delivers the most convenient way to cut the cord and shred your cable bill. The transition to a AirTv box is simple and seemless.  It sports a full Local Channel/Sling guide, DVR feature, and an easy to use  universal remote with voice search.


Review by John B. in Erie, CO

Project: Install or Replace Antenna

Comments: Anthony did a really great job installing my Clearstream 4 digital TV antenna. I now have great reception on the 3 TVs that he hooked up to it. I highly recommend his company. Very good price also. The antenna he used is a step up from the antennas that some of the other companies were recommending, and his overall price beat some of them. A+ rating.


Review by Milton S. in Boulder, CO

Project: Install or Replace Antenna

Comments: Anthony installed a HDTV antenna on my roof to get the broadcast channels. Before starting he worked with me to plan the installation to minimize the impact and make sure it worked with my existing system.


Review by Geri P. in Golden, CO

Project: Install or Replace Antenna

Comments: We had several issues to contend with and Anthony worked through it all on schedule and on budget. Our house is steel framed, with synthetic stucco siding and we eventually want to put solar panels on the roof, so we couldn't attach anything to the roof or siding. We now have several rooms wired to a great antenna in the attic without holes in the roof or siding. This was a complicated job done well

FAQs and Frequently asked questions

Cord Cutting is a hot trend in home entertainment. Essentially, you stop paying those outrages cable and satellite bills and replace them with over the air local channels and streaming services.

Q:How Much? 

A: A standard HD Antenna install will run 300. It includes the antenna, wiring, and labor.

Q: How long does it take?

A: Between 2-4 hours for a standard installation. 

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